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Filtrete™ 9808-2 Aircon Filter 30x60cm (Bundle of 3) -


Filtrete™ 9808-2 Aircon Filter 30x60cm (Bundle of 3)

$65.00 $80.70
Indoor air commonly contains particles like pollen, mold spores, dust-mite debris and other allergens. Some of these particles, like household dust, are visible to the naked eye. Others, like particles that can carry viruses, bacteria and odors, are microscopic. To help reduce the amount of airborne particles, it's important to use a high-efficiency air filter or room air purifier.

Filtrete Room Air Conditioner Filters are more effective than ordinary foam room air conditioners filters at capturing airborne particles including dust, pollen, mold, pet dander and smoke. Simply cut to fit your system, it's that easy!

- Reduces micro-allergens for cleaner indoor air
- 20 times more effective than ordinary filter
- Lasts for 2 months under normal conditions
- Change monthly for optimum performance
- Suitable for air-conditioners and air cleansers
- Accrediated by American Lung Association

Comes in a bundle of 3 pack!

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