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3M Home Cooking Essentials Pack -


3M Home Cooking Essentials Pack

$29.40 $34.60
      • Reach for the Scotch-Brite® Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge because sometimes the mess is just too tough for a regular scrub sponge. From grunge on the grill, to pots and pans that sat overnight, get it done right!
        • Cleans tough, backed-on messes 3X faster than other products
        • Ideal for cast-iron, pots, stove burners, broilers, garden tools and grills
        • Great for the kitchen and outdoors
        • Heavy Duty
      • Cleaning Strength: Heavy Duty
      • Product Type: Scrub Sponge
      • Recommended Surfaces: Cast-iron, Pots, Stove Burners, Broilers, Garden Grills
        • The microfiber high performance cloth traps dirt, dust and grease without the need of using chemical. The cloths are all lint and streak-free. Available to in different types to help you get the perfect clean and sheen each time!

          2 Pcs Scotch-Brite™ Kitchen cloth lifts grease without the need of using any chemical

          Dimensions: 30cm x 32cm

        • Scotch® Titanium Detachable Kitchen Scissors (KS-DTR)
          - Oil repelling blades for easy cleaning
          - Superior corrosion resistance
          - Reduce bacteria breeding
          - Photo safe: in accordance with ISO Standard 18916
          - 4X stronger than stainless steel
          - Detachable for knife function (not advisable for prolong usage as knife)

          Salt water spray test
          5% NaCl solution, 24hrs and 72hrs. Titanium enhances rust resistance of blade

          Cutting Test
          100000 X cutting for Beef and Pork
          Stable with no obvious damage on blades

          Oil Repelling, Non Stick Blades
          1.Drop food oil on the blade surface
          2.Show quick flow speed because of oil-repelling surface
          3.Less oil residue on blade surface.

          Colour Code: Red
          Suitable for: Raw food (to prevent cross-contamination)

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