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3M Kids Learning Stay Home Pack -


3M Kids Learning Stay Home Pack

$75.31 $88.60
      • The Easy Erasing Pad is designed to clean the impossible – crayon, markers, scuff marks, hard water stains – quickly and easily. The next-generation foam material cleans without harsh chemicals. Just add a little water, squeeze out the excess and you’re ready to clean! A unique blue urethane layer provides durability and keeps your hands out of the mess.
        • Erases away scuff marks and smudges
        • Easily removes soap scum and hard water spots
        • Cleans without chemicals Ideal on crayon and marker
        • 2pads/pack
        • 75mmx60mmx30mm
      • Star Shape, Bright Colours 
      • Reach for the stars while offering notes of encouragement to co-workers
      • Put your note where it'll get noticed - like file cabinets, doors and walls
      • Great size to personalize your message and get noticed
      • Let your ideas reach for the stars with these printed die-cut notes
      • All Post-it® Notes are recyclable
      • The Paper in Post-it® Notes is sourced from certified, renewable and responsibly managed forests
      • The Instant, Flexible Whiteboard Solution. From inspiring more collaboration opportunities to resurfacing existing whiteboards, Post-it Dry Erase Surfaces help businesses drive efficiencies, productivity and innovation.
      • Work where you want and drive results
        Where do you do your best thinking? Post-it Dry Erase Surface gives you the freedom to transform your space and can be easily cut to create a custom whiteboard solution.
      • High-performance surface helps you explore without bounds
        Featuring stain-proof material that erases cleanly every time, Post-it Dry Erase Surface is easy to install vertically or horizontally on painted drywall, painted steel, glass, finished wood, existing whiteboards or chalkboards.
      • Collaborate and communicate in more places
        Cover an entire wall, conference room table or create a unique, creative space to drive team engagement and productivity.
        • Easy to install - no tools required
        • Stain-proof material erases cleanly every time
        • Smooth surface is easy to write on
        • Resurface damaged whiteboards or chalkboards to create a pristine writing surface
        • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed*
      • *The Post-it® Dry Erase Surface is designed to stick to a variety of painted drywall and steel surfaces, glass, finished wood, and existing whiteboards or chalkboards.
      • 3 Easy Steps!
        • Unroll on a flat, clean work surface.
        • Peel: Remove 12 inches of the black liner from the top edge.
        • Stick: With the help of a friend, and removing the remaining liner as you go, adhere the product to your selected surface.

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