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HCD1-A Hot Cold Room Temperature Standing Water Dispenser -


HCD1-A Hot Cold Room Temperature Standing Water Dispenser

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3M™ HCD1-A Filtered Water Dispenser is the effective solution to your clean water needs be it in offices, hotels, homes, or practically any space. You’ll never have to waste time boiling, cooling or storing water again!

It is capable of reducing impurities, chlorine taste and odor, so you can enjoy cleaner and better-tasting water at any time.

Filtration System:
• 3M™ DWS 160-L Single Cartridge Water Filtration System,UV Lamp

Removal Capability:
• Up to 99.99% of Protozoan cysts-Cryptosporidium Parvum 

• Cyst, Lead, Benzene, Toxaphene, P-Dichlorobenzene (NSF Standard 53 certified) 
• Chlorine, Taste and Odor (NSF Standard 42 certified) 

Micron Rating 0.2 micron
Filtration Capacity 22,712 liters (6,000 Gallons)
Flow Rate 2 liters per minute
Storage Tank Room temperature water - 3.9 liters 
Cold water - 2.4 liters 
Hot water - 1.5 liters 
Total storage tank capacity - 8.17 liters
Dimensions 200mm x 450mm x 1040mm (W/D/H)
Net Weight 30kg

3 Water Temperatures 
Able to dispense hot, cold and room temperature water
Touch Sensor Application 
Built-in Touch Sensor buttons design to be easy-touch and effortless
BPA-Free so you need not worry about chemicals leaching into your drinking water
Power Saving Function 
Light detection sensor of surrounding light density to automatically ON/OFF hot water system
Safety Lock 
Safety lock button to be unlock before dispensing of hot water

View the PDF Brochure here.

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