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Hotapa HP-100 Tablet for Laundry & Washing Machine -


Hotapa HP-100 Tablet for Laundry & Washing Machine


Laundry Mildew can be removed from the washing tub just by adding "Hotapa Laundry" Tablets to the detergent you are using normally. Since there is an effect by using it on a continuous basis, please use it for washing everyday. In addition to mold removal of the washing tub, there is antibacterial effect of the laundry and it suppresses the generation of bacteria as the source of offensive odor, so the laundry will not smell. Water that flows into the drain pipe after being drained from the washing machine can also prevent offensive odors.
*Please adjust the amount of powder according to the amount of water: Recommended 2 tablets for 30L, 3 tablets for 50L or more.

- Anti-fungal
- Removes mildew, mold & odor
- 100% natural disinfectant
- Cleans the washing machine drum
-  Washes the clothes & machine together (reduces water wastage!)

How to use:
- Place tablets in washing machine, together with your washing load. 
No need to add other detergents, but you may do so if you like. If there is melted residue, please reduce washing volume or put this product in the bottom of the washing tub before entering the laundry load. 

Package Size: W110mm x H170mm
Capacity: 100 tablets

Ingredients: Scallop shell calcined calcium powder, sodium bicarbonate, carbonate, citrate, citric acid, vitamin C
Made in Japan

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