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Nexcare™ BC05 Foot Care Pad - Toes 5s -


Nexcare™ BC05 Foot Care Pad - Toes 5s

$6.20 $8.90

Features and Benefits:

  • Promotes blister healing
  • With lavender oil to help soothe and moisturize chapped skin
  • With hydrocolloid to aid healing and provide cushioining to reduce discomfort from friction.
  • Extended adhesive area keeps pad in place
  • Transparent material invisible on foot

Directions For Use:

1. Clean and dry wound thoroughly then pull wrapper apart.
2. Grasp end tab and peel bandage off wrapper. Apply to wound. Press firmly. Bandage will not stick if repositioned.
3. Remove paper frames at openings (see illustration).
4. Check wound daily for signs of infection. Discontinue use if infection develops.
5. For easier bandage removal, gently grasp edge and stretch away from wound.

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