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Nexcare™ HCFC-2 Hydrocolloid Dressing 6X10CM -


Nexcare™ HCFC-2 Hydrocolloid Dressing 6X10CM

  • Clinical studies prove that the wound healing process is 1.5times faster than dry wounds in a moist wound environment
  • Scar prevention: In a moist environment, scabs are prevented, which inhibit the formation of new tissue. If wounds heal without scabs and the wound healing process remains
  • Pain reduction: Nerves in the skin are bathed in the wound fluid which helps reduce pain
  • 2 pieces per pack, 60x100mm

Covering up a wound with a moist wound healing dressing provides an optimal wound climate which will allow the wound to be bathed in wound fluid so that it does not dry out and form a scab. The wound fluid provides nutrients and growth factors to assist with healing, and has white blood cells present to help prevent infection.

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