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Lanolin Skin & Body Care

LANOLIN is the precious oily secretion from the sheep’s skin that becomes trapped in its wool.  Each Spring season, after the sheep is shorn – think of the sheep having a ‘hair cut’ – the wool is washed & processed.  The pure Lanolin oil is then extracted & refined. Its is the sheep’s natural nourisher & protector against the extremes of its environment. It is one of nature’s own oils and it is extremely similar to those natural oils we secrete from our own skin. An emollient is an oil that has the ability to enhance the moisture content of the outer layer of our skin, giving it a smooth softening effect - the only human compatible animal oil obtained without having to kill the animal. Most moisturising creams and lotions use only vegetable or mineral oils as their base. LANOLIN adds a unique compatibility to those oils of our own skin. In today’s world, we live life at a frenetic pace. Our skin is subject to many environmental hazards on a day-to-day basis including pollution, air-conditioning, harsh sunlight etc. The use of LANOLIN is a natural rehydration for our damaged skin.