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EMS Massager Electrode Pads Refill, Large -


EMS Massager Electrode Pads Refill, Large


For your relief, just attach D.Care.
EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation for muscle relief, by D.Care, uses minute electric currents to directly stimulate muscles beneath fat. It helps manage muscle pain, relieve muscles/cramps and recover from fatigue.

D.Care is a brand that develops and manufactures health, beauty, home-care devices.D.Care Electronic muscle stimulator can be attached to sore muscles in multiple places, and is perfect for muscle relief and menstrual cramp relief.

Electrode Pad Refills
Each set include:
- 3 sets electrode pads, large size

Dimension of pad: 13.4cm x 5.5cm
(measured at the widest point of the pad)

*Do ensure controller is switched off before replacing the new refill pads.

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