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FUTURO™ 46815EN Stabilizing Back Support S/M -


FUTURO™ 46815EN Stabilizing Back Support S/M


75% of all human beings have occasional or constant bouts of back pain, making this condition the second most common cause of visits to the orthopedist. It is the lumbar spine that experiences one of the greatest impacts when our joints wear down with age, making it suddenly painful to stand upright – an activity ordinarily performed without a second thought. See below for some of the common problem areas.

Designed to help provide firm support to a stiff, strained or aching back. Use is recommended when support is needed for exercise and daily activities, or to help promote back alignment.
  • Patented design with support cushion pads helps target sore, aching muscles without placing pressure directly on the spine
  • Adjustable for customized fit and support
  • Sleek, non-bulky design will not restrict movement
  • Back panel evenly distributes moderate support
  • Helps promote proper back alignment
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Easy to put on and take off

29.0-39.0 in./73.6-99.1 cm
Material: Urethane foam, polyester, nylon
Colour: White

Body Part‎ ‎ Back
 Color‎ ‎ White
 Injury‎ ‎ Abdominal Support,‎ General Soreness,‎ Sprains & Strains
 Product Type‎ ‎ Brace
 Product Use‎ ‎ Braces and Supports
 Size‎ ‎ Small/Medium
 Support Level‎ ‎ Moderate-Stabilizing

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