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AP2 Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Filter Cartridge -


AP2 Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Filter Cartridge


3M AP2-G Filter based on our carbon block technology that efficiently reduces or inhibits:
• chlorine taste and odour
• slime and rust
• 99.95 percent of Protozoan cysts – Cryptosporidium and Giardia – that cause  gastrointestinal illness like diarrhoea  in humans
• lead and some volatile organic compounds (VOC)
• scale formation in hot water applications
UV inactivate the pathogenic bacteria such as Staphlococcus Aurerus and viruses, sterilising your drinking water up to 99,9 percent

Recommended Lifespan : 6 months

Suitable for: 3M Hot Cold Room Temperature Table Top Water Dispenser (HCD2)

Made in Mexico.

Kindly take note that all 3M AP2-C405-G filter cartridges sold from 01/12/2019 onwards will come with a new packaging. We would like to remind all customers to only purchase your filter cartridges from 3M Singapore’s authorised distributor and dealers. We may void the warranty of the 3M Water Dispenser (HCD-2) and reserve the right to reject any servicing or repair of the water dispenser if you are not using a filter cartridge purchased from an authorized source.

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