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Bluelet® Stampy Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Gel 28g -


Bluelet® Stampy Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Gel 28g

BLUELET's Stampy Toilet Bowl Cleaner in the form of a jelly-like flower contains anti-pollution components, which helps minimizes cleaning of toilet bowls. It also has a deodorizing effect, saving on air freshener, just by applying it to the surface of the toilet bowl. Enjoy a shiny clean with the thorough cleansing with every flush! It prevents the adhesion of dirt and bacteria, reducing stains in the process. For every flower pumped, it can be used for about 1 week (4 pumps per pack, lasts Approx. 30days*). Flowing water is colorless, with a scent of clean white soap.
*Some changes occur depending on temperature, water temperature, water volume, etc.


Available in 3 scents: 
TBC-B Fresh Cotton - the fragrance of soap and purity 
TBC-P Floral Aroma - floral fragrance 
TBC-G Super Mint - the fragrance of fresh mint

To Use:
Prepare Container
(1) Remove cap
(2) Align incision with protrusion on grip tip. 
(3) Insert straight until grip stops. 

Making Gel petals
(1) Rotate grip clockwise for approx. half a turn until it clicks and stops.
※ Do not push grip yet
(2) Fix tip of gel container against toilet. 
(3) Lightly push grip while the container is fixed in place. 
(4) Repeat steps 1-3 to create the second gel petal if needed. 
・After use,​ securely close cap and put away. 
・For gel that has been used for a week,​ or gel that has gotten small: Rub with a toilet brush and use as a toilet detergent. 
・If you place this near the water flow outlet,​ water may splash and the chemical agent may fall off. 
・For increased effects,​ clean your toilet bowl before using.

※Due to manufacturing reasons,​ bubbles may form inside the gel. However,​ there is no problem with the ingredients. 


Ingredients/Materials: Surfactant (39% polyoxyalkylene glycol,​ ceteth-6),​ Fragrance,​ Stabilizer
Made in Japan

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