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Scotch-Brite® MPWGS Multipurpose Window & Glass Surface Cleaner -


Scotch-Brite® MPWGS Multipurpose Window & Glass Surface Cleaner

The new Scotch-Brite™ Window cleaner reinvents the window cleaning process into an effective and enjoyable experience. A lightweight, adjustable handle coupled with 3 different types of heads and 10X different angles, this is indeed a multipurpose tool that you cannot do without. It helps you effortlessly access both high and low hard-to-reach places such as top and bottom of furniture, ceiling and even car roofs! Definitely a smarter and safer way to clean!
  • Multipurpose 3IN1 Tools with Microfiber Pad, Delicate Care Souring Pad & Squeegee
  • 10X different angles
  • Light-weight
  • Great for both in & out-door cleaning (eg: hard to reach areas like your furniture, great for car roofs)
  • Safe, effective and time saving!

So clever, it does the job of 3

Scotch-Brite™ Windows & Glass Surface Cleaning Tool. It's multi-purpose so you can use it – not just for windows, but also for glass showers, bathroom tiled walls or tubs, mirrors, car exteriors and over and under furniture.

A confident, brilliant clean that stays clean

The Scotch-Brite™ Window & Glass Surface Cleaning Tool starter kit comes with the Scotch-Brite™ Protective Glass Cleaning Super Foam, which leaves a protective barrier that prevents dust and watermark build-up. You won’t have to clean again so soon, but who’s complaining?

An easy finish with no water drips!

The extra soft squeegee quickly clears water without scratching the surface. It’s also detachable, so you can use it as a short-handled squeegee.

Bends 10 different ways, so you won't have to

The adjustable head has 10 pre-set angles, giving you the flexibility to reach out-of-the-way areas effortlessly and safely. Let it do all the bending and stretching for you – and be ready to smile at the shiny results!

*Product does not come with the cleaning spray/solution. Sold separately. 

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