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WR420LE Tilt-Adjustable Platform for Keyboard -


WR420LE Tilt-Adjustable Platform for Keyboard

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Sleek in appearance, the 3M Gel Tilt-Adjustable Platform for Keyboard encourages a comfortable, neutral wrist position while you type to help prevent work-related aches and pains. Featuring a gel-filled, tapered wrist rest with rounded corners for unmatched comfort, this keyboard platform adjusts positive and negative tilt for ideal ergonomic positioning. Stylishly designed with an antimicrobial black leatherette wrist rest, the 3M Gel Tilt-Adjustable Platform offers the precise positioning essential for staying comfortable throughout the workday.

 Encourages a Comfortable, Neutral Wrist Position
The way you position your wrists while working at a computer directly impacts your level of comfort. This 3M Gel Tilt-Adjustable Platform is both positive and negative adjustable, so you can find a comfortable position that keeps your wrists properly aligned.

This platform measures 10.6" x 19.62" x 1" to fit on most standard workstations.

Gel-Filled Design
3M's gel technology creates a wrist rest that is firm enough to support proper wrist posture, but soft enough to provide optimal comfort. The tapered design with rounded corners features a soft black leatherette cover that will match any office decor. 3M gel-filled wrist rests are guaranteed not to leak and are puncture-resistant under normal use.

Antimicrobial Protection
The 3M wrist rest's black leatherette cover features antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria, on the product surface. This helps to prevent stains, odors, and product degradation, as well as making the wrist rest easy to clean.

Recycled Content for Minimal Environmental Impact
All 3M gel wrist rests with black leatherette coverings are manufactured using pre-consumer recycled materials for less environmental impact. This product contains 15% pre-consumer recycled content.

Recycle 15%

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